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Launched on KICKSTARTER.

Starting at U$59

Amigo One


What is Amigo One?

Make robot be your friend


in your home

As a robotic assistant in the family, Amigo One can help families solve many life problems. The unique modular design allows Amigo One to install many modules with different functions. If you install a camera module on Amigo One, you can remotely control Amigo One mobile. And monitor the real-time status of the home, as more and more modules are being developed in the future, Amigo One's capabilities will grow.

As a TOY

with children

Amigo One is of course a toy robot for children. It can use the joystick to control the Amigo One movement. Its unique omnidirectional wheel design allows it to move in any direction on the ground with great flexibility, and it is easy to cross obstacles, such as the labyrinth. If you have two Amigos, you can race a car.

As a tool for

STEAM education

Amigo One's built-in Arduino Mega2560 chip enables easy programming and guides Amigo for different functions and debugging by connecting different application modules with different programming parameters.

Make your Own Robot

With an open interface, you can design your own modules, implement your own functions, and make Amigo One your unique robot. For example, if you want to load a laser light module on Amigo One, so that it can interact with pets at home, you can buy a laser light, 3D print a shell, you can install it on Amigo One.

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Why Amigo One special?

Easy for Everyone

Open the wireless controller and connect directly to Amigo,Then start your crazy control moments.

Easy to control

We have now designed a variety of modules that allowing Amigo to implement different functions and gameplay.

Multiple modules

The open interface allows you to implement the features you want, we will design a connector for you

Open interface

About the future of Amigo One

More modules, more features in the future

Imagine together, what features do you want Amigo One to have?



Walking form           

Master chip             

File Transfer           



Charging voltage     



Arduino Mega 2560

USB Cable

Micro USB      


DC8.4V                    116mm*116mm*50mm


The Amigo One is a modular consumer robot with various functions that can be developed for monitoring, projection, remote control and sweeping. The combination of four omnidirectional wheels allows the robot to move freely. An open modular interface that adds and customizes the features you want to implement in the future!

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